Our Platform

CDG Therapeutics’ developed the concept that a family of redox proteins (the cupredoxins) critical to bacterial and plant function, may have anti-cancer properties. CDG scientists subsequently demonstrated that non-virulence-related, bacterial peptides, isolated from these proteins, preferentially penetrate a wide variety of solid and hematologic cancer cells, inhibit their proliferation and subsequently kill them virtually without significant adverse effects or toxicity to the host. The specific cellular targets addressed by CDG peptides are independent of the body’s immune system avoiding unwanted (host) Immune response (s). All peptides are easily and economically produced via solid phase cGMP peptide synthesis.

As such, these peptides have a significant potential as therapeutic agents and as therapeutic adjuncts for the diagnosis and therapy of regionally advanced and metastatic cancers unresponsive to standard chemotherapy. True theranostic agents.

CDG Therapeutics is currently expanding and developing its platform of novel, first-in-class peptides within one of the fastest growing markets in the pharmaceutical industry. The Company’s proprietary compounds belong to the ‘smart drug’ or ‘biologics’ class, a potential $120 billion market.