CDG Therapeutics is currently expanding and developing its pipeline of novel, first-in-class cell penetrating peptides (CPPs) within one of the fastest growing markets in the pharmaceutical industry. The Company’s proprietary compounds belong to the ‘smart drug’ or ‘biologics’ class.

CDG is developing and reporting on its pipeline of CPPs in the areas of metastatic, p53 positive solid tumors, neoangiogenesis, carriers for contrast and functional imaging agents, and inhibition of viral entry into host cells. One particular aspect we are exploring is the ability of these peptides to cross the blood brain barrier, opening up a research avenue in the treatment of primary CNS tumors and tumors metastatic to the brain. The pool of structures currently available to choose from, as well as a rich pipeline of peptide drug prototypes and analogs, all available inexpensively through chemical synthesis, provides a significant opportunity for development.

Based on our strategy, we are developing a series of peptides targeting therapeutic areas including cancer and infectious disease.