Intellectual Property

Our innovative use of cell penetrating peptides derived from microbial and plant proteins is without precedent in cancer treatment. CDG has broadly filed U.S. and foreign patents covering use of cupredoxin family of proteins and their fragments. The patent portfolio also includes numerous international patent applications on CDG’s core technology and improvements.

Our patents include composition of matter including modifications thereof, utility claims as a single or multiple-agent therapy; therapeutic adjunct; and for diagnostic uses. The portfolio includes indications for cancer as well as allied and infectious diseases. We continue to file new utility and provisional patent applications as our research advances.

Cytoxic Factors for Modulating Cell Death

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Cupredoxin Derived Transport Agents and Methods of Use Thereof

[7691383, 8206685, 8530635]

Transport Agents for Crossing the Blood-brain barrier and into Brain Cancer Cells, and Methods of Use Thereof

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Compositions and Methods to Control Angiogenesis with Cupredoxins

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Compositions and Methods to Prevent Cancer with Cupredoxins

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Compositions and Methods for Treating Conditions Related to Ephrin Signaling with Cupredoxins


Compositions and Methods for Treating HIV Infection with Cupredoxin and Cytochrome c

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Compositions and Methods for Treating Malaria with Cupredoxin and Cytochrome [7338766, 8623816, 7740857]

US Patent issued as of May, 2014

The Company possesses an exclusive worldwide license to commercialize the founders’ discoveries. These exclusive rights were granted to CDG by the University of Illinois in exchange for royalties on any commercial products to emerge from the Company’s efforts, as well as an equity stake held by the University. The royalty rates and equity stake granted to the University by CDG are consistent with those between other development stage companies and their respective partners.